White Hat Management began in 1998 when a businessman noticed that the current state of education was not empowering students. Akron industrialist David L. Brennan and his wife, Ann Amer Brennanwitnessed the power of education when David established learning centers at his manufacturing and industrial sites to help employees increase their capacities for success. He wanted to create that same impact for the youngest members of society – students.

Brennan recognized an alternative was needed to traditional public education —especially for the economically disadvantaged. He believed students and parents needed a choice, and he responded by forming White Hat Management.

During the company's first four years, White Hat Management helped institute 15 new charter schools in Ohio, including eight elementary schools and seven Life Skills Centers. White Hat has grown into one of the premier education service delivery organizations in the United States:

  • Actively assisting in the daily engagement of nearly 16,000 students in more than 33 schools across Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Colorado; including state-wide distance-learning charter schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
  • Employing nearly 1,300 teachers, staff, and administrators.

White Hat Management believes in creating powerful and successful adults by providing education options that work for their individual needs.